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While You Are In Destination


Lawand Tourism continuously looks for ways to make your stay in Australia a smooth and comfortable one. In creating a "home away home" for you, we have created several services especially for you. One of these is Lawand Lounge in Gold Coast, which offers the following:

Tours and Attractions -
Our Tour Desk in Gold Coast is the only one where:

  • Service is based on 17 years of continuous experience, handling solely GCC travellers
  • Exclusive Arabic only brochures of relevant attractions are available
  • Only Arabic traveller-friendly attractions are offered
  • Skilled Arabic speaking Tours Consultants are available
  • Guests are comfortably seated for the entire duration of the tours discussion and the program compilation process
  • Complete programs are compiled and not just individual tours
  • Exclusive passes, with a variety of options, are available
  • Exclusive add-ons are included within the tours
  • Hand-picked, appropriate tours in Sydney, Melbourne and other parts of Australia are booked

Despite all the above unique attributes, all Lawand Tourism tours and attractions are offered at competitive prices.

Sim Cards -
We provide and we activate Australian Sim Cards, delivering these either in Australia or in a GCC country. Our SIM card activation is free of charge

Mosque Transfers -
We offer our guests an exclusive free of charge return transfers to the mosque in Gold Coast, for Friday prayer, during the peak Middle East tourism season

Lounge with numerous Arabic TV Channels -
Our exclusive lounge, with a large flat screen beaming dozens of Arabic satellite channels, including but not limited to AlJazeera, BBC Arabic, MBC, ART and many others, is open every day, for 12 hours daily, during the peak Middle East season

Arabic Mini Market -
Our Bekala makes available, conveniently and at competitive prices, a wide range of hard-to-find-in-Australia foods and beverages consumed by GCC nationals, including fresh Halal meat and chicken

Car Rental -
We offer late model cars, suiting any budget, taste and family size. Given the high demand for large family cars, we recommend booking these well in advance

Currency Exchange -
We accept and exchange at rates unmatched anywhere in Australia, any of the 6 GCC currencies, in addition to USD and Euros

- We airfreight luggage to any GCC airport, conveniently and swiftly, at surprisingly reasonable rates! Any cargo can be tracked online

Transfers - We supply transfers from your hotel to any Australian airport, to suit any family size and any quantity of luggage, at competitive rates