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Star Cruises Asian Fleet - The Most Acclaimed Fleet In Asia-Pacific 

Established in 1993, Star Cruises is the first global cruise line based in the Asia-Pacific region and the third largest cruise company in the world.

With a combined fleet of 20 ships, Star Cruises offers luxury cruise options to various destinations and islands in Asia-Pacific, North and South America, Caribbean, Alaska, and Europe.  The Star Cruises family comprises of the Star Cruise, Norwegian Cruise Line, Orient Lines and Cruise Ferries brands.

Star Cruises, consistent winner of “Best Cruise Operator” in Asia-Pacific awards, offers luxurious mega-ships and exciting itineraries.

While cruising to delightful destinations across Asia, Star Cruises offer an endless list of activities, entertainment, and fine cuisine from all over the world.  Cruising with Star Cruises is not only an extraordinary way to see the region, it is also easy on budget, as you will find almost everything you need onboard a Star Cruises ship.

Enjoy a variety of world-class facilities and services that range from computer games to movies, ballroom dancing to karaoke, and cabaret shows to relaxing massages.  Star Cruises, promises to be more than just a memorable and enjoyable journey